Orsan Textile was established in İstanbul in 2004. Also head office was established in İstanbul and all of production units was established in Giresun. Also Orsan Textile came about a company as grow up fastly and has high productivity and quality.

Orsan Textile -produces man suit and shirt- is the main manufacturer of several famous brand. Our mission is answerback of our customers expectations based on price, quality and time; increasing customer satisfaction with prefering preproduction Reserch and Development (R&D) and design service. [more]

We are in a hard cooperation with our customers, to reflect quality developments of different clothes, product designs, decoration and washing techniques.

Orsan Textile increases yearly production capacity continuously by labour force educations and making investments to the pro-technology equipments.

The first and the most important precedence of Orsan Textile is getting top level customer satisfaction every time.


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